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Secretary-general's Message

Updated: 2021-11-16


Lin Wenxun, Professor, Secretary-General of the South and Southeast Asian University Network and Party Secretary of Yunnan University

In December 2018, after two years of preparation, the South and Southeast Asian University Network (S&SE ASIAN UN) was established in Kunming, and the "Kunming Declaration" was announced.

The network aims to strengthen people-to-people bonds between China and South and Southeast Asian countries, promote equality in regional education, and build a regional higher education community.

Education is the foundation of a country's prosperity and people's happiness. The internationalization of higher education is an inevitable trend in the development of global education.

South and Southeast Asian countries are mutually dependent, with a long history of educational exchange and broad prospects for educational cooperation.

The S&SE ASIAN UN hopes to create a platform for regional higher education exchange and cooperation to provide universities from all over the world with opportunities for mutual learning.

Thus the network will enhance understanding, expand opening-up, strengthen cooperation, promote the development of regional education, and benefit regional higher education.

Since its establishment three years ago, the S&SE ASIAN UN has continuously worked to promote the deepening of educational cooperation.

The network established sub-committees for new engineering and innovation and entrepreneurship education to promote discipline development, and carried out sports and cultural exchange activities.

It also established a system of interschool "ambassadors". Through a series of cloud meetings and anti-epidemic knowledge sharing activities, the network overcame the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and responded to the difficulties with member universities.

In the future, the secretariat hopes to work with member universities in various countries to create a better future for regional higher education.