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Kunming Declaration of South and Southeast Asian University Network

Updated: 2021-11-18

To further improve mutual understanding between Chinese people and people of South and Southeast Asian countries; build a platform for regional communication and cooperation in higher education; promote joint study in regional priority areas; enhance the level of cooperation between Chinese universities and South Asian and Southeast Asian universities; build a regional higher education community; help China, South Asian and Southeast Asian nations develop toward a more open, inclusive, balanced and mutually-beneficial situation; and to contribute wisdom and strength to promoting regional economic and social development while building a community with a shared future for mankind –– we are willing to form a non-profit, unincorporated, non-governmental regional international network of universities with aspiring universities in China, South Asia and Southeast Asian countries following the principles of equality, voluntariness, cooperation and development. We hereby propose to establish the South and Southeast Asian University Network(hereinafter referred to as the Network), which will carry out the following activities within the framework of laws and regulations of all related countries in the spirit of consultation, joint efforts, sharing and mutually-beneficial development:

Ⅰ. The Network will regularly hold the university presidents forum to discuss common topics concerning the innovative development of regional higher education, enhance mutual understanding among universities, and share experience of university management.

Ⅱ. We will explore international training methods, implement the joint

training of undergraduates and postgraduates, promote exchanges of credits and mutual recognition of academic credentials, and establish an international certification system within the Network to upgrade the level of training innovative and professional talents.

Ⅲ. We will promote international cooperation in scientific  research, strengthen communication between think tanks, and build international joint laboratories and other research platforms to jointly promote regional economic and social development.

Ⅳ. We will build a characteristic brand, constantly enrich the form  and content of cooperation, and expand the breadth and depth of communication, to turn the South and Southeast Asian University Network into an interactive platform for deepening bilateral or multilateral relations and expand the international prestige of member universities.